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Shanghai Jiuxie Machinery Co.,Ltd. Was established in 2010. We mainly produce machine parts, welding parts, bending parts and casting parts. Our parts are used on automation production lines, hi-techsicentific machines, packing machines, medical machines and optical machines etc. At the mean time, we also provide serivce for purchasing electrical parts and assembly work for our customers.




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  • 03-03-2021
    Turning machining is a cutting and grinding method to the parts by using cylinder grinder on the lathe machine. Turning machining is a widely used production method. Most of parts with round surface can be produced by turning machining, such as outer cylinder surface, inner and outer coner...
  • 05-01-2020
    ​The basic parts of CNC milling machines usually refer to the structural parts such as the bed, columns, beams, worktables, bases, etc., whose size is large (commonly known as large parts), and the well constitutes the basic frame of the machine tool.
  • 04-30-2020
    The milling head part is also equipped with a servo motor, internal toothed pulley, ball screw pair and spindle sleeve, which form a vertical direction (z direction) feed drive chain to make the spindle move vertically and linearly.
  • 04-29-2020
    The cooling system of the machine tool is composed of a cooling pump, a water outlet pipe, a return water pipe, a switch and a nozzle. The cooling pump is installed in the inner cavity of the machine tool base.
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