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Our current plant is located in Building 2, No. 466 Xuanqiu Road, Pudong Pudong, Shanghai, China. The plant area is 2000㎡. The total area is divided into: office, production, inspection, freight, installation and other areas.


Technical customer service personnel are online 24 hours, respond within 24 hours, provide solutions within 24 hours, and solve within 1 day.


Strict implementation of ISO9001:2015 quality management system. From raw materials to machining to delivery, at least 3 inspection processes are required to avoid any quality defects, so that the delivery qualification rate reaches 98% !
We promise that if the processed products have quality problems after they leave the factory, we will return 100% for no reason, so as to solve your worries.

Delivery Date

CNC equipment with 24-hour machining, is good at dynamic milling technology.The roughing efficiency is increased by 50%. Each order is followed up one-on-one by professional trained worker to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer within the scheduled time.
1. Minimum order of one piece: small batch production to meet the requirements of perfect customers
2. 7X24 hours service: waiting for customers to arrive around the clock
3. Confidentiality system: strict confidentiality system, so that the privacy of customers will never be troublesome
4. Quick sample delivery: quick response to orders opening, short sample mold manufacturing time
5. Strict quality control: careful quality inspection, all parts are inspected in all directions, the accuracy can reach 0.01MM-0.1MM
6. Unreasonable return: excellent after-sales, no need to worry about problems after delivery



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