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What Are The Characteristics Of The CNC Turning Machining?

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Turning machining is a cutting and grinding method to the parts by using cylinder grinder on the lathe machine. Turning machining is a widely used production method. Most of parts with round surface can be produced by turning machining, such as outer cylinder surface, inner and outer coner surface, vertical round surface, groove and thread. The widely used lathes are horizontal lathe, floor type lathe, vertical lathe, capstan lathe and copying machine lathe. Most of the time we will use horizontal lathe.

Due to the more hardened and strenghened material are used in modern science, traditional turning machine can not finish all the work for the new material, so it comes the hard turning technology, which shows more effects during the production.

Now we will introduce the characteristics of the turning machining:

1. Characteristics of turning machining

1) High efficiency

Turning machining has more efficiency than grinding machining. Turning machining uses deeper cutter, high speed, so the cutting efficiency is times of the grinding machining. Furthermore, turning machining can apply different tools at one time, but the grinding machining need to change tools all the time, so the turning machining shows shorter time and high accuracy.

2) Low cost input

Lathe turning has more advantage than grinding machine when they are running at the same production quantity and the tooling system for lathe turning is also cheaper than grinding machine. As for the low quantity production, lathe turning doesn’t need any special requirement, while the lot production for precision parts need computered managed CNC machine with more accuracy and high efficiency.

3) Suitable for low quantity production

Lathe turning is a widely used production method with quick change of tooling compared to grinding machining.

4) CNC turning can ensure more accuracy for the precision parts

The most heat is taken by the turning machining, which will not bring any surface burning or crack to the parts as grind machining does. Turning machining can ensure fine surface roughness, cylinderical accuracy and size accuracy.

2. Tooling choice for turning machining

1) Solid carbide tools with surface coating

Solid carbide tools with surface coating is carbide cutting tool coated with a kind of chemical coating which can improve the endurance of the cutting life. Normally the surface coating will improve the cutting tools’life in two respects: in one respect, surface coating can reduce the heat conduction to protect the cutting tools, in other respect, it can also reduce the friction then to reduce the cutting heat. Solid carbide tools with hard coating have more strength, more hardness and high endurance than the solid carbide tools without hard coating.

2) Cutting tools of ceramic materials

Ceramic cutting tools have characterstics of more strength, more hardness, higher endurance, more stablity, less friction and cheaper price.

3) Boron cutting tools

Boron cutting tool has a little bit hardness and endurance than diamond too, but it has more hardness than ceramic tool. At the same time, its heat endurance and chemical stability is a little less than ceramic tool. But it has more impact strength and break resistance than ceramic tool. Trying to be better type of cutting tool, boron cutting tool is now widely used in cast iron cutting and alloy steel cutting. Its cutting speed is more quick compared to solid carbide tool.

3. Choosing cutting oil

1) Since tool steel doesn’t have high tempreature endurance and losing hardness, so it need cutting tool with good cooling effect and low fluid speed.

2) HSS cutting tool need better cutting oil with good cooling effect when it is used for high speed cutting. When it is used for low speed cutting, it need to use cutting oil with low viscosity to enhance the cutting accuracy.

3) Solid carbide tool need to use cutting oil with active sulfur. If it is used to heavy cutting with high tempreature, it need to use non active sulfur cutting oil in order to protect cutting tool.

4) Ceramic cutting tool, diamond cutting tool and boron tool have more hardness and endurance, so they need to use non active sulfur cutting tool to ensure the surface smoothness of the precision parts.

Above points stand for the characterstics and attention matters of turning machining. A better choice for cutting tool and cutting oil can improve the quality of precision parts greatly.

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