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Classification Of CNC Milling Machine System

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① Cooling system. The cooling system of the machine tool is composed of a cooling pump, a water outlet pipe, a return water pipe, a switch and a nozzle. The cooling pump is installed in the inner cavity of the machine tool base. The cooling pump drives the cutting fluid from the reservoir in the base to the water outlet pipe, and then The nozzle sprays out to cool the cutting area.

② Lubrication system and method. The lubrication system is composed of a manual lubricating oil pump, oil separator, throttle valve, and oil pipe. The machine tool adopts the periodic lubrication method, and uses a manual lubricating oil pump to lubricate the main shaft sleeve, the vertical and horizontal guide rails and the three-way ball screw through the oil separator, so as to increase the service life of the machine tool.

From the point of view of the characteristics of digital control technology, because the CNC machine tool uses a servo motor, digital technology is used to achieve direct control of the work order and movement displacement of the machine tool execution parts. The gearbox structure of the traditional machine tool is canceled or partially canceled, so the mechanical structure is also Greatly simplified. Digital control also requires that the mechanical system has a high transmission rigidity and no transmission gap to ensure the execution of control instructions and the realization of control quality. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of computer level and control capabilities, it has become possible to allow more functional components to perform various auxiliary functions simultaneously on the same machine tool, so the mechanical structure of CNC machine tools has higher integrated functions than traditional machine tools. Claim.

From the perspective of the requirements of manufacturing technology development, with the emergence of new materials and new processes, and the low cost requirements of market competition, metal cutting is moving toward higher and higher cutting speeds and precisions, higher and higher production efficiency and systems Development in an increasingly reliable direction. This requires that CNC machine tools developed on the basis of traditional machine tools have higher precision, higher driving power, better dynamic and static mechanical mechanisms, better thermal stiffness, and more reliable work, which can achieve long-term continuous operation and as little downtime as possible. .

Classification Of CNC Milling Machine System

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