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Milling Head Part Of CNC Milling Machine

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The milling head part is composed of a stepped (or stepless) gearbox and a milling head. The milling head spindle is supported on high-precision bearings. Ensure the spindle has high rotation accuracy and good rigidity; the spindle is equipped with a quick tool change nut, the front cone adopts a 105050 taper; the spindle adopts mechanical stepless speed change, its adjustment range is wide, the transmission is stable, and the operation is convenient. The brake mechanism can make the main shaft brake quickly, which can save auxiliary time. When braking, the main shaft is immediately braked by spreading the stop ring through the brake handle. When starting the main motor, pay attention to release the spindle brake handle. The milling head part is also equipped with a servo motor, internal toothed pulley, ball screw pair and spindle sleeve, which form a vertical direction (z direction) feed drive chain to make the spindle move vertically and linearly.

The worktable and the saddle are supported on the wide horizontal rail of the lifting table. The longitudinal feed of the worktable is driven by the servo motor installed at the right end of the worktable. The precision ball screw is driven by the internal toothed belt wheel, so that the table can be fed longitudinally. The left end of the worktable is equipped with a hand wheel and dial for manual operation. Both the vertical and horizontal guide surfaces of the saddle adopt TuRcllE B plastic surface, which improves the wear resistance of the guide rail, the smoothness of the movement and the retention of accuracy, and eliminates the phenomenon of low-speed crawling.

Milling Head Part Of CNC Milling Machine

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