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Titanium CNC Machining

Titanium alloy parts are characterized by high strength and small density, good mechanical properties, good toughness and corrosion resistance, very low thermal conductivity, but they are machined difficultly.

Titanium CNC Machining Description:

Titanium alloy parts are characterized by high strength and small density, good mechanical properties, good toughness and corrosion resistance, very low thermal conductivity, but they are machined difficultly.

Production Accuracy:

Titanium CNC Machining Accuracy

Production Leadtime:

1 week for sample parts, 1-2 weeks for batch products

Product Specification:

Titanium CNC Machining according to customer requirements.

Titanium CNC Machining Process:

CNC machining, CNC lathe machining, grinding, milling machining, EDM, wire cutting.

Surface Treatment:

Electroplating (nickel plating, hard chromium plating, silver plating), electrophoresis, sandblasting, passivation (acidification), oxidation, polishing and other surface treatment.

Titanium CNC Machining Application:

Medical treatment, aviation, aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum development, metallurgy, light industry, electric power, desalination, coastal power station of warship, daily life appliance and other industries.

Order Process:

How does JIUXIE overcome the difficulty of machining magnesium alloy by CNC machines?

1. When machining magnesium alloy by CNC machines, it will adopt special tools and taps for titanium alloy.

2. Engineers use blades with positive angle geometry to reduce cutting force, heat and workpiece deformation.

3. Keeping constant approach during operation to avoid hardening of workpiece.

4. High pressure and large flow cutting fluid is used to ensure the thermal stability of the machining process and prevent the workpiece surface and tool from deviation and damage due to the high temperature.

5. During machining, keeping the blade edge sharp. Because blunt tool is the cause of heat accumulation and wear, which is easy to lead to tool failure.

6. Using a large tip radius or chamfering cut can get as many blades into the cut as possible, which reduce the cutting force and heat at each point and prevent local damage.

The price of CNC machined parts depends on the following:

Production time: The longer it takes to machining parts, the higher the cost. Production time is usually the main cost reason of CNC machining.

Surface and structure: Machining multi-surface products will require multi-surface clamping and production, or the use of 4-axis 5-axis machine processing. Structural reasons such as: More bone density will increase the production time cost; The inner right angle will increase the discharge angle clearing cost.

Materials and surface treatment: Different materials have different costs. For example, among the metal materials, steel is the cheapest; magnesium alloy is the lightest; aluminum alloy has good performance; stainless steel has good performance but sharp edge; titanium alloy is expensive and difficult to process. The surface that needs to be electroplated and oxidized requires high quality of raw materials, and their surface effect of flatness need to be good. Powder spraying can cover slightly larger defects.

Other manufacturing costs: There is a risk of deformation or scrap when processing thin and slender parts with very thin wall thickness. Non standard precision holes and non-standard threads may require custom tools. The hole with angle needs special fixture or dividing plate processing.

We Guarantee:

1. Offering design and improvement scheme freely.

2. Offering video and photos with details freely during production.

3. Producing completely according to the accuracy of drawings, assembly measurement to detect function and strict quality control to ensure 0 return rate.

4. 99% orders can be ensured delivery time.

5. Quote can be offered within 1 days fastest

6. Delivery time is only 7 days fastest.

7. Responding to the enquiry within 2 hours.

8. The materials we use are optimal.

9. 24 hours online service.

10. The lowest price with the same quality and service.

11. Logistics arrangement with high performance to price ratio.

12. The most suitable packing method to different products.

If you are interested in any of our titanium cnc machining, or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.

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