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Plastic CNC Machining

Engineering plastics are oftenly used to verify industrial design. And most of the plastic materials have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, high rigidity, high surface hardness, good insulation, etc.

Plastic CNC Machining Description:

Engineering plastics are oftenly used to verify industrial design. And most of the plastic materials have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, high rigidity, high surface hardness, good insulation, etc.

Production Accuracy:

Plastic CNC Machining Accuracy

Production Leadtime:

1 week for sample parts, 1-2 weeks for batch products

Materials and Properties:



Color: natural, black and transparent

Density: 1.04

Features: high mechanical strength, high rigidity, high surface hardness, high dimensional stability, easy to spray, platable.

Application: shell and parts of hand-made model, electronic and electrical, etc.



Color: transparent

Density: 1.18

Features: high mechanical strength, surface can be polished and transparent, good insulation performance

Application: cover and accessories of machine, avionics, aircraft and ship, all kinds of lampshade, signboard, etc.



Color: white, black

Density: 1.4

Features: high mechanical strength, hardness and compression strength, good sliding performance, abrasion resistance, easily machining.

Application: suitable for sliding parts, precision mechanical parts and water resistant parts, such as bearings, gears, impellers, cams, bushings, washers, handles, jigs, etc.



Color: white

Density: 2.16

Features: wide range of temperature resistance (-200℃+260℃), high corrosion resistance, excellent mechanical properties and flame retardancy, and good abrasion resistance.

Application: mechanical parts, anti-corrosion industry, oil and natural gas, instruments and equipment, etc.

PA6 & PA66

PA6 & PA66

Color: white, black

Density: 1.13



Color: brown grey, black, beige

Density: 1.32

Features: PEEK has excellent comprehensive properties, mechanical properties, high rigidity and hardness, high temperature resistance of about 260 ℃, excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance and low flammability.

Application: PEEK is widely used in aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical and other industries

Product Specification:

Plastic CNC Machining according to customer requirements.

Plastic CNC Machining Process:

CNC machining, CNC lathe machining, milling machining

Surface Treatment:

Electroplating, Fuel injection, print, Water transfer, Laser carving, Bite flower

Order Process:

The price of Plastic CNC Machining parts depends on the following:

Production time: The longer it takes to machining parts, the higher the cost. Production time is usually the main cost reason of CNC machining.

Surface and structure: Machining multi-surface products will require multi-surface clamping and production, or the use of 4-axis 5-axis machine processing. Structural reasons such as: More bone density will increase the production time cost; The inner right angle will increase the discharge angle clearing cost.

Materials and surface treatment: Different materials have different costs. For example, among the metal materials, steel is the cheapest; magnesium alloy is the lightest; aluminum alloy has good performance; stainless steel has good performance but sharp edge; titanium alloy is expensive and difficult to process. The surface that needs to be electroplated and oxidized requires high quality of raw materials, and their surface effect of flatness need to be good. Powder spraying can cover slightly larger defects.

Other manufacturing costs: There is a risk of deformation or scrap when processing thin and slender parts with very thin wall thickness. Non standard precision holes and non-standard threads may require custom tools. The hole with angle needs special fixture or dividing plate processing.

With regard to how to optimize the design to reduce the machining cost, JIUXIE has given the following design suggestions for your reference based on years of processing experience:

1. The inner right angle of non assembly position is changed to R angle to reduce the cost of angle cleaning;

2. Reduce the number of surface positions;

3. Increase wall thickness;

4. Try to make standard hole diameter or standard thread;

5. Consult JIUXIE machinery experts to select reasonable and economical materials and surface treatment;

6. Only mark the necessary and most important tolerances.

Quality Assurance

Strict implementation of ISO9001:2015 quality management system. From raw materials to machining to delivery, at least 6 inspection processes are required to avoid any quality defects, so that the delivery qualification rate reaches 98%

Delivery Guarantee

CNC equipment with 24-hour machining, is good at dynamic milling technology. The roughing efficiency is increased by 50%. Each order is followed up one-on-one by professional trained worker to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customer within the scheduled time.

Service Guarantee

Technical customer service personnel are online 24 hours, respond within 30 minutes, provide solutions within 2 hours, and solve within 1 day. We adopt high-quality express and multinational logistics companies, send special personnel to follow up the logistics information, to ensure the safety of products to your hands.

Our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits.

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