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How To Reduce The Deformation Of Aluminium Alloy Precision Parts During Production?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 04-06-2021      Origin: Site

With the quick developement of material technology and production skill, now the aluminium alloy precision parts especially the out shell of aluminium ally precision parts are more widely used in industry and normal life. But people have more requirement for accuracy and quality of out shell of aluminium alloy precision parts with the industry development. JX has many years of experience in production skill of aluminium alloy and reduce the deformation of aluminium alloy precision parts during production.

As for the out shell aluminium alloy precision parts with low hardness, we can reduce deformation through better jigs or stuffing fixtures.

As for aluminium outshape shell with thin wall thickness, we can not use three-jaw selfcentering chuck or spring collet to fix it. Otherwise it will be deformed after machining. Normally we will use collet chuck with tightened surface to reduce the possibility of deformation. We can use solid shaft with screw to stable with the inner hole. Then we can use a nut to fit the inner hole with a flat plate. This measure can prevent deformation during the fixing then to get a perfect tolerance.

During the production of aluminium outshaped shell, we can use vaccum sucking disc to get the balanced force. Normally we will use light cutting strength to machine so it can prevent the deformation efficiently.

According to practice, we can also use filling method to produce aluminium outshaped shell. That means to fill the inner space of aluminium outshaped shell with special material, which can provent deformation during fixing and cutting to get the required accuracy. For example, we can fill the inner space with 3-6% Urea melting material before machining and take out the Urea melting material after machining by immersing the shell into water or alcohol.

If there are many holes on the aluminium outshaped shell, it is better to machine by layers but the holes on same layer should be machined at the same time, which can prevent the deformation of holes during machining.

The aluminium outshaped shell will easily go deforming during fixing, so the best way is to lose the fixture before the accuracy size is obtained to recover the original size of the part. Then we can use the slight strength to fix the parts to get the final size of the parts.

During the production, it is not suggested to mill the parts directly by the end mills, which will cause the high heat and breakage of the end mills. The suggestion is to using one size big drill before using the end mills or using spiral milling through CAM software, which can reduce the deformation of parts to ensure the accuracy.

With the widely usage of aluminium outshaped shell, the professional worker should improve their skill of production and use different production method according to the different function of shells. So we can improve the quality of aluminium shell parts accordingly.

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